Thursday, August 30, 2012

Warby Parker

My vain attempts at finding the right glasses. And I HATE glasses. Mainly because I see what I really look like and kindof hate it. But then again they also hurt my head after a few hours because I have an abnormally large head that they have to hug (see Melanie, Jessica, or Patrick for references). So I also hate that part.

But lately I've had headaches because I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING. EVER. Patrick has to read me menues and anything on TV. And I've resorted to STANDING in front of the TV when I'm deciding what to watch because I can't see one word on the guide from my couch. #firstworldproblems (But praise God for digital cable). 

So here comes Warby Parker to the rescue. Think TOMS for glasses. Before TOMS doing their own glasses was cool. I picked 5 pairs I liked and they sent me the frames in a glamorous box. I think I like the ones in the top right? I wish the style in the top left looked better on me, but I'm fairly certain I'll be embarrassed that I ever owned them in 5 years. So I'm still thinking about them. 



Mae said...

Love them all... the ones on the top right are my favorite!

Cameron said...

Top two are my faves! Agree with Mae...Top right are awesome.