About Me

Welcome to my brain - in all of its beauty and messiness.

I live in Atlanta with my super smart husband, black lab and overweight cat. I love books, sarcasm, coffee and traveling. I cover my ears in the shower, can count the vegetables I eat on one hand, and never put away my laundry. Ever. I am attached to my iPhone, and am the obnoxious instagram-er that documents everything.

We had a temporary adopted son from Korea for the last few months, but we now parent him from 7,165 miles away. He is 15 so no, we didn't send a baby to another part of the world to thrive on their own. He has true parents that do the real work. We just get to cheer him on and send him gifts.

In the midst of being semi-weird and insecure, I do love a good heart-to-heart.

A few years ago I was inspired by Donald Miller in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years to make my story bigger and better. To make each day more significant so that I'll look back on my life and remember things about every day. I want to love better, take more risks, be more intentional in my relationships, and not be afraid to go after the things that scare me the most. If you don't want to read about your life in a book, it might not be interesting enough.

So cheers to doing life for real. And for stopping by, reading my nuttiness, and sharing with me who you are.