Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Islam on Capitol Hill

Several weeks ago, I had a dream that I thought nothing about at the time. I dream constantly so at some point, I just have to be selective about the ones that I pray into more and question. So I didn't realize the significance of this dream until last night at ministry school.

I dreamt that Ahmadinejad (the current leader of Iran, whom the United States does NOT have a good relationship with) and another man came to North Carolina. I saw them in a boat out on water at night, and they were building a bomb.

I talked to a coworker about the dream the next day because she's from Iran and we had a laugh about it. However she made sure to mention that if he ever came to the US, that would be a terrible thing. We don't have a good relationship with him, nor does he have a good relationship with us. Most peace talks have been anything but peaceful.

So fast forward to last night at ministry school. Audra got up and wanted to share something with the class before things got going. She told us that this Friday, all the Muslims in the country are called to come and pray at the Capitol in Washington, DC for 15 hours. They want it to be a day of "unity" for Islam. Buses are being sent out from every state to bring as many Muslims as possible to DC. As if that wasn't significant...that 50,000+ Muslims are gathering to pray together....Audra then said that they would be led by Ahmadinejad and another man, Qaddafi.

As soon as she said that, I remembered my dream. As a class we spent 15 minutes interceding for all the Muslims in the country. Bethel has such a strong stance on not praying destruction or anything negative on anyone, so we just released blessing over the Muslims. We released encounters with God...that they would experience God in radical ways on Friday...and that God would show up and His presence would be undeniable.

I shared my dream with some of our leaders and we were seeing that the bomb that I saw was not necessarily a physical bomb, but that Ahmadinejad and Qaddafi were going under the radar, and they were wanting to release something in our nation that will forever change the face of it. Never have I been so motivated to rise up in my identity and exercise my authority as a follower and lover of God.

History belongs to those who pray. We, as Christians, have been given all authority. And we have a responsibility to stand up in the face of potential adversity and to declare and pray the opposite. The Church cannot afford to sleep through this huge and potentially earth-changing event. This is the time when our identities are called forth. We are given a chance to alter the course of history. If we do nothing, nothing will happen. And nothing will change. We can call forth heaven. And we have a responsibility to do that this Friday. So ARISE AND SHINE FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD RISES UPON YOU.