Monday, June 1, 2009


Typically I love a good serious, thought-provoking, faith-inspiring exposition. However today, I'm just in the mood to rant about all sorts of things. So grab a drink, sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a taste of my life.

First of all, birthdays are really important to me. The last few birthdays I've had have not been great. Last year only one of my close friends called me to tell me happy birthday. Each memory of my birthday brings with it an onslaught of terrible thoughts and memories. However this year, I felt so blessed on my birthday. Still none of my close friends from college came to celebrate (but at least they all called!), but there was still an incredible group of people with us. Most of them I've only known the last year or two, but it's been amazing how close we've gotten so quickly. So Mexican (Buffalo chicken quesadillas), Mango Margaritas, mojitos, hookahs, cheesecakes and other desserts made for a great night. As well as some of GREAT gifts.

Secondly, my friend Kristin and I have started a bra company. Affectionately called "Dueling Gazelles." We figure women need a Victoria's Secret quality store, but one that's a little less pricey for such small amounts of fabric. So far our "line" ideas are: "Purity", complete with hidden Scriptures throughout the seams; "Forbidden Fruit", quite possibly scented with fruit embellishments; "Armor of God" which is more of a bondage themed line, but unique and wearable nonetheless. Who doesn't want to feel hot under their clothes? No one has to know but you, and I'm sure you'd walk around with 15 times more confidence than normal- but maybe that's because this line would also be completely bullet-proof and flame retardant. Yep, it's that good and multi-purposed (inspired by the woman who got shot and her underwire kept the bullet from getting to her heart). We're still working out the details of our "Cupcake/Dessert" line but haven't gotten it quite sorted out yet. However we do have a conflict with our name. We were hoping for a really clever Song of Solomon reference, and "Dueling Gazelles" is what we came up with. But when we studied Song of Solomon a little further, we learned that the man is called a gazelle and the woman is called a stag. Yikes. So essentially our name means "Fighting Men." Great. Although catchy, it speaks to the potential problems with our garments, rather than the solution we want our customers to be drawn to. So we're open to suggestions.

Last rant: I think I deserve a prize for healthiest eater. And by healthiest eater, I mean most horrific and terrible eater. I hate vegetables. I started to work on tomatoes and peppers, only to find Im developing slight allergies to those. Awesome, really making progress here. I also learned that my system is too acidic which means....cut down on the fruit. Really? Thats the only healthy thing I eat, and you're telling me I eat so much of it that its actually having a negative impact on my health? You've got to be kidding me. My response: first I made French Toast with powdered sugar and syrup. Then I had an ice cold coca cola classic with a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I made sure to work out first so that I wouldn't feel so guilty about such a great meal, but one lap around the apartment complex and 10 lunges hardly puts a dent in the amount of powdered sugar and syrup I used on my French toast (but i did wear ankle weights!!). But I felt better about it for sure, and let's be honest...that's really all that matters.

Thanks for reading and maybe I'll post a few more rants soon. I'm slacking on my blogging. Sorry.