Friday, January 23, 2015

I've Made No Resolutions


Well everyone, it looks like my last post was on Korea. Whoops.

And to be honest, it has taken about that long to recover.

Oh, and we still have a baby. I know, right?

So we press on.

But since then, we've done some grand things. I went to San Francisco. We had a wonderful first Christmas with Rowan. Harim came to visit the day after Christmas. We celebrated New Year's with him. And for any of our childless friends, babies get up at exactly the same time regardless of whether or not it is a holiday, so theres that. We went to Charleston and then to Vail. And are now up to our ears in laundry and mail, because it turns out we can be a little bit disorganized from time to time.

In other news, Rowan is now 8 months old. I made no resolutions for 2015. I still love my job. Lucy throws up every 3-5 days on our white carpet in the den. Also, who the hell let me have a white carpet? I have a love for gel nails and barre3. And also for Jenny Lawson, thanks to Patrick Murphy. I periodically leave trash on the kitchen counter, and I have a dentist appointment next week.

Other than that, life is trudging along. I made that sound a bit pessimistic, but its not. Maybe if I add a ! to the end it'll feel better. Other than that, life is trudging along! Better, right? Ok, good.

In all fairness, we are living our lives more than we have in the past. Rowan is happy as a lark. Our pets get fed, although rarely walked. (Again, the baby.) I do wear clean clothes, bathe (almost) every day, enjoy going out with friends, and I've also gotten into white wine. All that to say, I'd like to receive all the awards. But really just for the dentist appointment. Thats commitment to health.