Monday, November 28, 2011

Visually Thanksgiving - A glimpse

Our brand new 8-person farm table. Custom made. Delivered the day before Thanksgiving and hand-assembled.

Pumpkin Dip courtesy of Pinterest. 1 can of pumpkin. 1 box vanilla pudding mix. 1 container of cool-whip. Fabulous.

Beautiful little buds in the window. In my favorite West Elm recycled glass.

Forgive the poor styling, but these are two chairs we just had recovered for our formal living room. So. Comfortable. The cat loves them. The Christmas tree is currently where the table is. Chairs also delivered the day before Thanksgiving.

Patrick laying on the floor with Lucy. She's thrilled.

The view from the 34th floor of One Buckhead Plaza this afternoon. Storm is descending. Can't wait for flurries tomorrow!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Today I'm reading Harry Potter.

I'm drinking Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast coffee with a splash of Peppermint White Mocha creamer.

I had a pumpkin scone for breakfast.

I'm listening to Andrea Boccelli and Michael Buble's Christmas albums and am growing fond of "Ave Maria."

I'm pet-sitting Libby Gray's 5 pound dog, and she has deemed herself ALPHA over Lucy the 57 pound dog.

I'm crossing my fingers that we get our Christmas tree this afternoon and have it decorated by dinnertime. :)

I'm debating a work-out and shopping spree - I'll let you decide which is my need and which is my want.

The house is already cleaned so luckily I have no reason to not to anything that I really want to today. I need today to get refreshed.

I woke up wishing I could here Meredith Thomas sing "My heart will sing no other name, Jesus."

I wish I lived minutes from friends and that there was snow on the ground, so that we could enjoy sledding, snowmen, and warm drinks by the fire.

Today I'm letting this phrase resonate within me and letting it propel me forward rather than backward:

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Pinterest Inspired House

Pinterest has taught me how to lust in a whole new way. I wake up dreaming of the things I've pinned and wondering how in the world I can make my boards come to life.

In my dream world, my walls would be a palette of greys, whites, and vibrant blues. All my furniture would be hand-made to look slightly antiqued and used. My dining table would be adorned with burlap, lots of continually lit candles, wood, and freshly cut flowers. I'd have a white-washed wood headboard on my queen-sized all white bed. My rug would be a neutral with French words written across it in charcoal grey. My couches would be soft whites with brightly colored pillows, art, and blankets. I would have book shelves made of antique apple crates, and hanging chandeliers from Morocco. 

In my perfect world, this is what my house would look like: