Monday, November 21, 2011

The Pinterest Inspired House

Pinterest has taught me how to lust in a whole new way. I wake up dreaming of the things I've pinned and wondering how in the world I can make my boards come to life.

In my dream world, my walls would be a palette of greys, whites, and vibrant blues. All my furniture would be hand-made to look slightly antiqued and used. My dining table would be adorned with burlap, lots of continually lit candles, wood, and freshly cut flowers. I'd have a white-washed wood headboard on my queen-sized all white bed. My rug would be a neutral with French words written across it in charcoal grey. My couches would be soft whites with brightly colored pillows, art, and blankets. I would have book shelves made of antique apple crates, and hanging chandeliers from Morocco. 

In my perfect world, this is what my house would look like:

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