Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When we're young, the only thing we can do to communicate that we need something is to cry. We cry because we're hungry, we cry because we're thirsty, and we cry because we're tired. If we want anything, we cry. 

As we get older, we learn to communicate a little differently. Let's use a glass of milk as an example. Maybe when we're two or three we can say the word "milk" or point to it. As we start to grow we can start to reach the milk ourselves, and then reach the glasses, then later pour the milk without having to ask our parents to get it for us. But there is a progression of crying out for it when we're young, asking for it as we get older, then taking the liberty to get it ourselves. 

I think that is how God intends for our faith to be. If you ever spend any amount of time in prayer and not ask for anything, you will start to see God give you the things that you needed that you didn't ask for. Like any good father, God knows our needs. He knows our desires. And He wants to give us those things in our heart. Luke 18:8  says that He will respond "speedily." But He wants to see us trust that He will provide for our needs, and then learn to take another step forward. To start to get up and get things for ourselves. He wants to see us move from a place of crying out and asking for things, to a place of declaration. God tells us in Ephesians 2 that we are seated in heavenly places now. In Zechariah 3:7, that there are courts in heaven that we have a say in now. All authority in heaven has been given to us. We are powerful. 

We usually limit grace to a ticket to heaven. But grace is an entryway into the realm of the impossible. We have access to higher realms. We have faith in something that is greater than us. We have access to power that breaks strongholds. power that moves mountains. power and love that radically change people. power and love that defeats armies. We can have confidence that when we make declarations, the atmosphere shifts. Heaven moves. God wants to show Himself. He wants to encounter people in radical ways. He wants to see His children rise up in faith believing that the God who loves them will show up on their behalf. So let's rise up and be bold. Let's pray for the sick and declare that their bodies come into alignment with the Kingdom of God. Lets speak Truth and prophecy to people who need encouragement and direction. Lets practice accessing heaven and bringing it into the now.