Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summery Things

This is mainly a picture post, with a few notes on each shot. Not that exciting, sorry. I do have some thoughts rolling around in my head on marriage and friendship and authenticity, but those will come a little later as they become solidified. Or even before that because I have a tendency to speak out before I really know what I'm saying. All in good fun. :) And blogging is supposed to help the process I hear, so I'm hanging onto that food for thought. 

Attempted crafts. Why oh why can I not be like FRANKIE who is an incredible artist? One day I hope she teaches me her ways. 

I'm getting better with my food processor. The dip on the top left is an orange pepper dip, with carrots, peppers, orange, garlic, and salt. Add it to a cracker with a basil leaf and mozzarella and you have homemade bruschetta! I'm so grateful that my basil plant requires virtually nothing from me to succeed. 

Finished this book last week. It came highly recommended. Would I recommend it in return? Eh. It's written by a Norwegian journalist, so although it is about the Arab world, it has little of the Arab style of storytelling that you so commonly find with Arab authors. Hard stories + not beautiful writing = Bleh. 

Heading to the beach with Patrick! Our annual beach trip is one of our favorite times of the year. 24 people in one house is a step above loud and chaotic, especially when there is someone up at all hours of the day/night when you have babies, 5 year olds, teens, Walter, and adults. My brother is a nocturnal adult which is why he has his own category.

Our glorious house! 

My dad's brother and sister - Tom and Marilee, and my grandmother Annie. 

The beautiful sunset we got to watch from the porch every night.

Gathering before we serve dinner to pray.

My church #confessions. Sometimes my books are too good to leave at home.  And our church is amazing, but has been known to have lots of 'lag' time between worship and the message. This is when I open my book.

Judge me all you want, but I love to read and sometimes feel like I hear more from the Lord through stories and books. Its just the season I'm in, and I'm okay with it. 

Peach salsa = GLORY. We bought some peaches coming home from the beach that are FAB. So Liz passed along a peach salsa recipe that is pretty amazing. AND I had all the ingredients in my fridge. Except for the mint that came from my yard. Praise God for another herb that requires me to do nothing. 

One of my new obsessions. AND THEY MAKE IT IN PURSE SIZE! That is what I'm more excited about. But I'm trying to find Shakira's Eau Florale in the purse size sprayer, but have yet to locate it. Womp womp. It is to die for.

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Love the post! I have yet to get a food processor and your recipes just make me want to more! And I love that you read in church! No judgement ;)