Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shrimp Tacos, Lemonade, Chicken, Bruschetta

So I've actually been cooking a good bit in the last week or so. I think working from home actually gives me time to think about dinner, which saves us money on Trader Joe's frozen pizzas. I've tried to get creative, and not worry if I don't have all the ingredients for something. Usually I can find a substitue that I might like even better, so I just try to throw in new things as I can.

Shrimp Tacos with Peach/Pineapple Salsa

Salsa: 2 chopped peaches, 4 chopped pineapple rings, handful of cilantro, Thai chili sauce, lemon juice

For the shrimp, I stir fried shrimp, red peppers, onion and garlic in sesame oil. I tossed in some sesame seeds and a drizzle of pineapple juice and soy sauce. Then I combined the shrimp stir fry, cheese, and salsa in a tortilla. 

These were SO good. Sweet, savory, spicy, and crunchy. We had none leftover.

Homemade Bruschetta

In the food processor, I put some tomatoes, a handful of basil, some garlic cloves, a swirl of olive oil, juice from a lemon, salt and pepper. We put it on top of a sliced and toasted baguette, then topped it with feta. LOVE. 

Grilled Gruyere and Onion Sandwich

 I caramelized some onions, and threw them onto a grilled gruyere and turkey sandwich.

 Peach Lemonade

This is delicious, but my food processor couldn't liquify the peaches a ton. So it functioned more as a smoothie. I pureed peaches and a little bit of sugar in the food processor, then added juice from 5 lemons. Easy peasy. But definitely a thicker juice. I love pulp so it didn't bother me a bit. I would also say this would be amazing to add Rum or Peach Scnapps to for a more 'adult' beverage. 

 Crunchy Honey Chicken

Adapted from here. This stuff was like cocaine to me. I did use Kefir instead of eggs, sesame oil, and I used a mix of ground flour that I had. And what made this exceptionally good was the leftovers. The recommendations say to make less sauce, but I say make all the sauce so you can pour it over the leftovers and let it sit over night. Second time around might have even been better. This would be perfect to put on a salad too. One of my favorite things I've ever made. 

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