Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wilderness

I had my first counseling appointment last week, and it was awesome. Having a Spirit-filled believer who has gotten her Doctorate in counseling proved to be the most refreshing thing ever. 

I was so terrified to be so vulnerable with someone. But I'm so glad that I got over that, because I would have missed out on a lot.

Our appointment took us all over the place, and I'm sure I shed a year's worth of tears. But they were tears well spent. Because they were tears of healing. Of recognizing the Lord's goodness and presence. Of coming to terms with the fruit in the wilderness that is at my fingertips. 

Throughout the Bible, some of the most major figures are given long seasons of time where they are pulled away from the public eye. David in caves. Moses on Mt. Sinai. Jesus in the wilderness. God uses those times to train, to equip, to re-connect, and to speak to His people. Moses had a big job in leading people into the Promised Land, but he first had to hear from the Lord. And see Him for truly He really was, and to hear the promises that were laid out for him. He couldn't lead people into freedom until He saw the face of the Father. 

But the hard part is continuing to pursue the words and promises spoken over their lives while they were alone in the "wilderness."

So that's where I am. Alone in the wilderness, but passionately declaring and pursuing the sweet promises that the Lord has spoken over me. 

And all the while plucking fruit from the trees.

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natalie said...

I went to counseling in college and it was seriously life changing. I think having someone outside your circle of life to cry to is wonderful on its own. Love!