Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun-Day Friday

Y'all. That exercise circuit I did yesterday is KILLING me. My legs and butt hurt so freakin' much, I feel like I wince in pain every time I even THINK about moving. Guess I'll be saving this baby for my next work-out in case I want to remember what death feels like.

In other news, I just tasted one of these:

Funfetti Oreos. How is this even fair? And at 70 calories a pop, you could have... well, 1. Don't worry, I've self-reprimanded in a Bob Harper voice because I know he would have been devastated by this decision to consume one of these.  

And since it's Friday, I leave you with a hilarious conversation my friend Talie had with her ob/gyn at her 24 week appointment:

1. I'm concerned because I really want to sleep on my back (which every nurse and doctor thus far has said will keep oxygen from the baby). 
Do it.  The baby'll be fine. 

2. I'm getting ligament cramping when I walk. 
Ignore it and keep walking.  

3. I'm still throwing up. 
Eat less.

4. I'm not sure I want to get the whooping cough vaccine. 
Having your baby end up in the NICU sucks.
(I got the vaccine.)

You're welcome.

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