Thursday, March 8, 2012

Butt-Kicking Work-out

1. Skaters. Do 30 on each side.

 2. Single arm hang snatch. Do 20 on each side.

3. Burpees. Do 50. You'll be weeping at 25, trust me.

4. Prisoner squats. Do 50.

5. Mountain climbers. Do 25 on each leg.
 6. Turkish weighted get-ups. Do 15 on each side. This is the hardest on this list. Prepare thyself.

 7. Lunge jumps. 25 on each side.
8. T push-up. 15 on each side.

Ginny and I started doing different circuits/interval training exercises in the gym each week, and THEY. ARE. HARD. We sweat and cry and moan and complain, all while busting our butts to make these moves happen. Unfortunately this Bob Harper interval work-out created for Women's Health magazine got the best of us. We could hardly meet half of all the required reps, but we did everything we could manage. I did feel a little bit better when a co-worker who runs marathons lasted about as long as we did. Which is proof that Bob Harper is TOUGH. No wonder those Biggest Loser contestants lose 15 pounds in a week. Holy smokes.

Hopefully we'll see more dynamic results on our bodies as we trudge through all of these work-outs that we've saved up. We definitely have a love/hate relationship with them. But mostly love. 

Oh, and by the way - you're supposed to do this circuit three times. 

Yes, I'm serious.

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Anna Fulton said...

I just added this post to my bookmarks, for a day when I feel particularly inspired/crazy.