Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I love long, uninterrupted time with friends. Where you air out all your crap, kick it around a little bit, then repackage it and swallow it again. Hopefully not to have it come up again in the same ugly way, but maybe finding its own way of making you better.

Creating a space for friendships to grow and be fostered is not an easy task, but the benefits far exceed the pushing and pulling and mashing of schedules that has to happen in order to get there. And sometimes it involves long 4 minutes voicemails with life updates, 3 hours of track walking and lunges, or long emails with brain dumps to multiple friends in order to stay intimately connected to each other. And get a group reprimand if its needed. 

Relationships are so key to who we are and how we function best, so it's imperative that we learn how to do them well. In season and out of season.

Unfortunately, there are times that we have to do them in a crappy way before we can figure out the better way. But all that serves to help us grow and make us better people. That love well, give generously, and fight in the trenches for each other. 

So here's to you, my friends: 

Thanks Tim for your inspiration.

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