Monday, December 12, 2011

Visually North Carolina

This past weekend we went to Montreat, Asheville, and Charlotte, NC for a long weekend of r & r. Unfortunately, the r & r piece was conveniently missing from the trip, but in its place we put new restaurants, good friends, art, and wine. Here are some visual glimpses of our trip.

This is the sunset through the rain before I left last Wednesday. Our office is on the 34th floor so we always get killer views when it's storming.

First thing on Thursday (we arrived late on Wed night) we packed up our books and went to the Dripolator to visit Jess. I had a "Cesspool" - a glorious coffee concoction with cinnamon, caramel, and salt.

 Malbec wine. A new fave. At Lexington Avenue Brewery.

Hot chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and coconut cream. At French Broad Chocolate Lounge. All gourmet, fair-trade, organic chocolate.

 Patrick's "Liquid Truffle" with added dark chocolate. *"Salted maple", and "maple bacon" were also optional flavors.

A re-cap: beer, fish tacos, and Lexington Ave. Brewery, and hot chocolate from the Chocolate Lounge.

 If I could buy this dishtowel for some of my besties I would. 

View from my grandparent's porch. Amazing in the fall.

Biltmore Winery. Free wine tastings of 23 wines. Thankful for grandparents who have season passes. However I got to wine #7 and felt slightly uncomfortable with my grandparents sitting next to me.

Met Theresa for dinner at Tupelo Honey.

 Saturday we went to Charlotte because my aunt was in this art show. Her art was also the feature piece on all banners, postcards, and signs!

 Family at the art show: Sally (ok, she's not technically related), Sloan, Patrick, Marilee, Jamie, and I in Marilee's booth.

All in all, we had a great weekend in NC, albeit busy. But I did get to catch up on Harry Potter, and Patrick got to read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Glorious books if you ask me. And our babies had so much fun while we were gone that this is what they did ALL DAY yesterday:

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