Thursday, December 15, 2011

California Experience

If I could live anywhere, I'd probably live in California. Or Italy. But I'm thinking more in terms of State-side. Because everyone would really prefer to live in Italy. 

I love California because it has something to offer everyone, and each region has its own group of people, preferences, styles, etc. Simply put, there is always a place you can go and fit in. And I kind of like to fit in. A lot. And Daniel Lau would tell you its a problem that I need to deal with. But right now I prefer to live in my backslidden state and no, I am not ashamed. 

Without further ado, here are a few highlights from mine and Patrick's trip to California in October. I realized I never posted any of these because I was choosing to live in a black hole and talk to no one, so I'm sorry these are a bit late. BUT THEY'RE STILL GOOD! So check them out. And enjoy them. And remind yourself that YOU can be a light in my dark hole if you're interested. I'm looking for a way out. :) Thanks.

 On the pier on Balboa Island

Just to keep with tradition 

Balboa/Newport Frozen Banana dipped in chocolate and rolled in cinnamon and sugar

San Diego - our view from the hotel room when we woke up (it was dark when we checked in the night before)

Our favorite restaurant to date. Cafe 21 in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego. These are assorted sangrias and mimosas. 

The meer cats at the San Diego Zoo. Just as cute as they look.

Proof that we saw more than meer cats.

We also spent a few hours in Laguna Beach and discovered that yes, it really is as beautiful as everyone says. However LC and Heidi were nowhere to be found.

All in all we had a great trip. Despite not seeing ANYONE from The Hills.

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