Friday, December 23, 2011

Etsy Prints

Almost every day I feel like I walk around my house, scour Pinterest, and read blogs looking for the perfect inspiration for my life. Unfortunately I have had very little success recently. I feel like each room in my house is a hodge podge of colors, aesthetics, and ideas. And the only room that it's kind of working in is our bedroom. But thats because there are no patterns to clash, and just a few solid colors and some cool photographs. 

I always envy people who have vision for rooms, because my vision is limited to Pinterest and its 9834752934872341 options. Which are obviously impossible to narrow down. West Elm also offers me no resolution, nor does Restoration Hardware. Not that their ideas aren't beautiful and sophisticated, they just happen to be upwards of $3,000. Yikes.

However, I did buy two prints from etsy today. I don't know what I'll do with them, but they are fun and brightly colored, and I'm just crossing my fingers that they'll bring life to a dull space. Like the downstairs bathroom. What do you think?

They could easily clash with each other, which is a slight fear I have. But at $8 a print I'll take my chances. And if they clash, I can always separate the two. Or put them in really unique frames. 

My other idea to liven up a dull space, or give people something really eye-catching to look at, is this:

Making a poster of mine and Patrick's instagram prints. Because we can put as many or as few pictures on a poster as we want, which is awesome. I think that this is a great way to chronicle some of the travel experiences we've had in a loud and modern way, or even some of the cool "artistic" shots we've taken and edited. And the friends that we hang out with in swanky places. Truly this would be something the whole family would enjoy.

The instagram poster could be a little bit intense, but I think you could even cut it into two squares and frame them each side-by-side? Who knows. The possibilities here are seemingly endless. I just hope that they are not all completely lame. But that is a risk you take when trying to do something cool and different. 

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cloudsandtherain said...

i think they'll look awesome. have to seen the website where you can make magnets with your instagram photos?