Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trial Run

So in our household, we love animals and pets. Patrick and I have a sweet cat (Bailey) that we love very much. But since Patrick and I got married, he's practically been begging me to let us have a dog too. Our agreement was that we would have one of each, but being in a one bedroom apartment prevented us from getting a puppy. We knew we wanted a big dog so we decided it'd only be fair to wait until we moved into a house with more space.

Well, now we're in a house and have the opportunity to adopt this little beauty:

The unfortunate thing is that this lovely black lab is ALSO named Bailey. She is almost a year old, trained, and very calm. She doesn't jump or lick, and lets kiddos hang all over her. No we don't have kids to test that theory, but it is helpful for future reference. :)

Our good friends the Jacksons have had Bailey for several months, and are honestly just tired of taking care of her. Their kids are little and they have another one on the way, so they are obviously not much help with a mutt. I saw a post on facebook about them taking her to Petsmart to find her a home, so I figured...why not give her a trial run at our house? They're going to the beach for a week and a half, so its the perfect time to try our hand and lifestyle at a dog.

I've never had a dog and I told Patrick that I don't know how to talk to them, how to pet them, how to hold them or anything. He said "First of all, you don't hold them." Which I admit hurt my heart a little bit. Why have a pet you can't hold and carry around with you? If you've seen the youtube video of Debbie, then you understand how I feel about animals. Truly.

So starting Wednesday night, Bailey the dog will be at our house. If all goes well, we'll keep her forever! But are under no obligation to do so if it doesn't work out. Black labs are Patricks favorite dogs, and I have said all along that I want a dog that doesn't bark, jump, or this might be the perfect match for us. Yay for fun life changes! Just don't tell my mom.

More to come on Bailey and Bailey (this will get confusing at some point...).


Dana said...

Very interesting turn of events. Dirk and I both are pleased with this decision! Has he ever been around kitties? If he hasn't, proceed slowly at first. His first instinct might be to chase. Make sure Bailey kitty has lots of extra attention. Young labs can take about five years to 'grow up' so don't leave anything laying around that could be mistaken for a chew toy (ie shoes). Our english shepherd gets 'held' all the time when he sits in our lap, all 45 pounds. Here you can see our sweet dear Sassy bathing Abby our calico.

jess said...

i love it! cat and a dog named bailey! you guys could have a tv show: a girl a guy and two baileys.