Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living Room Art

I'm probably going to drive everyone crazy with our living room, but it's the room we spend the most time in so I want it to be beautiful. It's also the room that I feel has the most potential (yet I currently feel its the most hopeless).

I found some rugs that I like, but I'm considering getting some art for the wall first before I get into buying accessories. I need some sort of focal piece to work the room around, and hopefully some art will provide some much needed inspiration (obviously only if I can actually decide on something). A problem I have is buying hundreds of things that I like, but nothing ever going together. When we moved in everyone has told me to take my time with everything, and really make it what I want. But that advice has crippled me from doing anything. I'm so paranoid about stuff working and fitting and being warm and inviting that I can't seem to buy anything but a set of West Elm curtains that are in a drawer because I don't know where to put them. :)

So here are some wall options. I think I like the idea of having lots of neutrals with pops of turquoise and lime, or a variety of blues. Do you like any of these?


Lisa Coetzee said...

i like the first one the best :) sort of abstract but still interesting to look at again and again. and it has a lot of colors in it - you could do the turquoise and lime thing for a few years, but if you get tired of it, you can keep the art and change the other accent colors. i'm all about versatility, longevity and practicality ;)

Mary said...

Thanks Lisa, great thoughts. I'm leaning towards this piece too. :) There are a few other ones that go with this one so I might buy a second one down the road (why aren't these things cheaper!?). Thanks for the help!