Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House and Mirror Redo

Here are some pictures of the inside of our house before we started moving all of our stuff in. I realized I'd only posted 1-2 pictures, so I figured you might want to see a little bit more. (If not, discontinue reading here...) It might make my decorating re-dos a little bit easier to envision.

Here is what the house looked like the day we started moving in!

This is from the formal living room looking into the dining room. These are the two rooms that I'm going to do in a darker grey (dining room) and a lighter grey (living room).

View from the kitchen into the den. Check out the dark green marble fire place (gag). It is really nice, but dark green and brown are so manly to me. I feel like I'm in a bachelor pad in some ways.

This is the really beautiful pink office. NOT. It took TONS of primer, and tons of paint in order to cover this up. They also kindly left us the daisy curtain rod. :)


View of the backyard.

AND HERE IS MY FIRST REDO OF THE HOUSE! And yes it's small, and easy peasy, but hey- I did something! Let's just rejoice in that.

This is the mirror.
What I used to spray paint it (I taped paper over the glass).

The finished product! Still with the paper...sorry about that. But this will go on the wall in the dining room, and I think it will go really nice with the white beadboard that lines the walls.

I also spray painted a black and bronze lamp white, but I learned quickly that all my lamp shades are ivory....womp womp womp. Oh TJ Maxx I go. Again.

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Dana said...

Loved the house. Regarding lamp shades, Target has a great burlap shade. It's very 'now' and quite reasonable.