Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drab Living Room

So I need help. In a big way.

This is our living room and breakfast area. We currently have a rectangle Ikea table under this chandelier, and the den has a sofa, loveseat, 2 recliners, some side tables and a coffee table. The room is a little bit drab with a touch of manliness. Our recliners are dark green, and all the tables are dark brown. The fire place also has green marble (really? of all colors for a fire place you chose green?). So I'm trying to steer away from the dark green and brown, but I really have no idea what I want. Or how to use the dark green and brown for the time being until I have the funds to buy non hand-me-down pieces. If the room was more isolated, then I think it'd be a lot easier. But since it flows into the breakfast area, kitchen, then onto the dining room- I have to be a little bit more intentional with how I separate the spaces and use the manliness to my advantage. Surely thats possible, right?

Here are 3 different mood boards from Young House Love. Ideally I'd like to pick and choose some items from each of these to incorporate into the room.

In this first picture I love the rug and curtains. I have an ivory couch, so seeing a neutral rug that still stands apart from the couch is great to visualize for me.
I love the colors in this second mood board. And the picture at #3 is beautiful, and guess what, it's a $12 poster! The YHL recommendation was to frame the poster in a sleek dark frame which I think is genius. I've been searching high and low for some art or pictures, and I think I might have found my solution. Its modern, big, and pulls a few different colors. I also love the rug and general color palette.
I love the lamps in this third board as well as the neutral chair. The pop of turquoise and lime is dreamy. Same with the vase.
So those are my ideas. I have no idea how I'll actually execute any of these ideas, but I at least am leaning towards a colored palette. Which is a HUGE step in the right direction. Praise the Lord. Any advice or thoughts you have would be HUGE! I feel so lost.

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