Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Eats

So last night, I made these babies. Coconut shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce. Oh man, take me to heaven RIGHT NOW. These were glorious. A little labor intensive, but still glorious. And this pineapple sauce is just pineapple preserves mixed with lime juice. So. Easy. (Technically you're also supposed to add jalapenos, but I did not). Enjoy salivating over this picture while I munch on the leftovers.
With the coconut shrimp, I tried these fries. Which were even more labor intensive than the coconut shrimp, but they were the best homemade fries I've ever had. And they were baked and not fried so in my heart that's a bonus.
And tonight I made these, spinach and feta quesadillas. And yes you read that right, SPINACH and feta quesadillas. I probably have a fever.

I don't know whats gotten into me lately with all this Pinterest-inspired cooking, but I'm sure Patrick appreciates this kick. Happy cooking everyone! I'm off to sweat over the Bachelorette and the awkwardness it provides.


Dana said...

Wait. You ate spinach? How is that possible?

Deitra said...

So can you post the recipe? I'm cooking challenged!

Deitra said...

Uh, for the spinach and feta quesadillas, did you cook the spinach first or just put it in the tortilla?

Mary said...

For the spinach quesadilla, I just tore apart a bunch (a bunch being relative since i hate spinach) of leaves and sprinkled some feta in the tortilla.

The technical recipe has some garlic, onion, and Monterey (sp?) jack cheese as well as the spinach and feta. I used a little bit of organic Publix salsa on it as well, but it didn't really need anything else.