Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quote from Diva Muffin

So I was reading my former roommate's blog (and normally I don't refer to her as a "former" roommate because I still feel like we are one in spirit but have separate bodies), and I discovered some delicious quoatables. Now, they might not be as wonderful to you as they are to me and I'm okay with that. I want you to read these things and come away feeling like it's okay if you don't have anything together. Because none of us really do and it's probably better for everyone if we just embrace that, rather than pretending.

In regards to her favorite things:

reality tv. its like i would much rather get overly involved in people's lives on tv than make real life decisions for myself. its a bit avoidant, i admit, but its working for me right now

lykke li
and the decemberists

hot black coffee and nice earthy teas

sleeping way too late

re-reading malcolm gladwell. he inspires me to think more.

also, my apartment cannot seem to keep itself together.
i would think that you might walk in and say to yourself, "man! i bet she's working on something really great right now. i can't wait to see this project/experiment/writing masterpiece." false.
things are just a mess.
you would say that because there is just stuff all over the place. like i'm too wrapped up inside my brain to put stuff where it goes.

i keep toying with the idea of moving or not and so i can't seem to get comfortable in my space.
one of my least favorite things is to spend time doing something just to undo it or redo it. so i'd rather live in limbo.
this is a bad idea, everyone.

Love this girl. And wish we still lived a mere somersault away from each other. Or in a room with bunk beds and Obi. With her alarm going off for hours at a time. Lisa, George and John might also be tucked into the covers or in a palette on the floor for safe keeping (they're hot commodities). Black relatives on the wall. Surrounded by clothes that were washed 6 six weeks ago but never made it into the closet. And 10 cups of water.

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