Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beginner Decorater

So we made the big move last weekend! Finally. It was months and months in the making.

It was a tremendous amount of work, but everything is at least IN THE HOUSE now. For the love. I'm still exhausted 9 days later. I'm a compulsive shopper/spender so I was nervous that I'd blow this entire year's budget within the first 24 hours of moving in, but for some reason moving has had the opposite effect on me. All I've bought is two trash cans.

The hard thing about a house is that everything is so p.e.r.m.a.n.e.n.t. I'm terrified to buy something that I may or may not love, or to put a hole in a wall that I'll later decide against (which would then require spackle, sanding and re-painting to correct said mistake). The only thing I HAVE decided on is the color palette for our formal living room and dining room (which is another tough project because it will clash with the other current colors in the house until I find time to fix those).

Our dining room is the first room I'm attempting to envision and decorate. It will be grey and white for the most part, with silver accents. My goal is to have some bright pink or yellow flowers on the table, but I'm not quite there yet (mainly because I only have the chairs, not the table - which would obviously hinder my ability to decorate the table).

This is the material that I have covered the seats of each chair with (and by I, I mean my grandmother). It has creamy white, grey, and taupe in it. The chairs and table are dark brown, so my hope is that they'll blend with everything. (sorry this picture is not great - its from my phone)

These are my dream curtains from West Elm. I'd like to go see them in person at some point before I buy them, but that might not be a possibility. I might spend all of my birthday money on them. WHY ARE CURTAINS SO FLIPPIN' EXPENSIVE?

I am painting the dining room walls this shade of grey. The bottom half of the dining room is white beadboard, so my hope is that the grey won't feel so dark. I love the grey and white combination.

I haven't decided on the wall decor, but here are some ideas or accents I'm open to incorporating somehow:

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Carly said...

They have pretty grey and white curtains at IKEA, definitely cheaper than West Elm. I couldn't find the ones I was thinking about online, but my friend Megan has them and they are beautiful! and reasonably priced! Also, there are a ton of awesome fabric stores on the westside. if you find a fabric that you like, I can sew some for you.
Lewis and Sharon fabrics have a scout mob right now too.