Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our humble abode

So tomorrow we officially close on our house! We did the final walk-through with the realtor tonight, and I'm pumped. It will be so great to have our own space that we actually OWN. It's been 8ish years since I've lived in a house, so I can't wait to not have people that live above me and below me, people that play drums late at night or who get in fights outside our room. But I love the community here, and I have LOVED our apartment complex tremendously. It will be sad to leave the place that Patrick and I started our marriage in, but all seasons come to an end. So my hope is that the seasons will only get better from here!

In other news I'm going to bootcamp in the morning. Yes, bootcamp. A military style workout that starts at 6am and leaves you sore for a full 7 days. Oh man. It's amazing how I go in and out of work-out seasons. I'm so externally motivated that it takes a village to get me to do something active. But once I do it, I enjoy it...I just can't make myself do it alone. I hate breathing hard and sweating, but when I'm with friends I hardly notice the pain. So come on friends! Work out with me! Jk. I don't want to sacrifice fun connecting time with work-out time. Unless you're willing to do both. :)

So stay tuned for house and work-out updates (which I probably won't do because I don't know how to make either of those that interesting).

I'll leave you with a shot of our new house. It will be officially ours at 9am tomorrow morning. This is an old-ish picture, but you get the point. Its really beautiful!

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Aubree said...

Mary! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help designing/decorating any of your rooms... ~aubree