Friday, April 8, 2011

Heaven's Song

I love worship. And for a long time, I only liked hearing songs I knew and could relax into. But after some conversations with a good friend that leads worship, I was inspired to think in bigger terms when it comes to worship. This friend had said to me that we are still singing songs of yesterday's revelation, and that there was new revelation meant for today. I love that she said that because now every time I go into worship, I know there is fresh revelation available to me. Old revelation isn't bad, it is still good and valuable, but what if God is completely shifting gears and trying to change the way we worship every day? We're going to miss it if we're still only singing songs from 5 years ago.

On Sunday at church this really precious young couple led worship. It was fun and loud yet pregnant with God's presence. The things they brought into the atmosphere made it so easy to connect with the heart of God and it took everything in me to not weep at how much God was starting to pour out on us as we worshiped Him. The songs were deep and full of revelation of the love of God. They were truly mesmerizing.

Two songs they sang in particular were ones that the husband's brother and sister-in-law wrote, and these two songs I have not stopped singing since I heard them. I wanted to give you the lyrics to one of the songs, and let you know you can listen to 1:30 on itunes if you're interested. This is Heaven's Song:

Lord, You are hope itself, You love me like no one else                 
Making my fears all melt, in Your presence
Life breathed into my soul, Your love has made me whole
So that the world may know, Of my savior

                       Holy, God Almighty, I sit at Your feet                              
Worthy, King of Heaven, for all eternity
    Angels, they cry Holy, as I stand here amazed        
       Beauty, captures my heart and all I can say                 
               Is I love you…Jesus I love You                                    

Garments and clothes of white, Put darkness to its flight
Healing flows from Your side, To the broken
I dance around the throne, With angels so at home
Making your glory known, To the nations  

I see a river there, Worship is everywhere
Tears are no longer shed, In Your presence
For those who know your grace, They’ll see You face to face
Curses will be erased, Ever and ever

I encourage you to download this song, as well as Freedom Come Down- both of these songs are on the same cd, Speak to the Dreams by Destiny Church. They are really powerful and full of access to today's revelation. Enjoy!

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