Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Gift

Daniel Bashta from Riverstone Church is one of my favorite worship leaders. He is truly a revivalist of the purest form, and his worship comes from this deeply rooted place of intimacy. Check out his story here.

Daniel and his wife Taylor have a heart for the nations and for adoption, and they knew that if they wanted to invest in the nations, they first had to invest in their home city of Atlanta. So this past year they adopted a little boy from Atlanta named Phoenix. And as a fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services, Daniel is offering his song "Like a Lion" for whatever people want to pay, and all proceeds will go back to the adoption service he and Taylor used to adopt little Phoenix (David Crowder sings this song on the Passion cd from this past year). This song is amazing, and I encourage everyone to listen to the lyrics and soak in them. They are really revolutionary. Project Gift is where you can go to support Bethany and adoption services worldwide, and bless Daniel Bashta and other future parents with aid in their adoptions.

If you want to check out his blog- that too is amazing. Daniel and Taylor are passionate warriors, and are truly inspiring a new generation of revivalists to rise up.

Just wanted to let you in on some great worship leaders that are dear to my heart! I hope you enjoy.

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