Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I'm trying to decide what my second pair of TOMS will be. I already have the burlap, which I LOVE and can wear with anything. But I'm in the mood for something more "springy."I'm leaning towards some of the wedges, but I haven't finalized that decision. I also wish there were more bright colors in the flats because I think I'd wear those more often, but alas...there's not. So here are my favorite choices at the moment:

Where's the teal or lime or plum? I guess those colors aren't in this season. 


Crystal said...

I've been eying the wedges too ... I like the grey stripes - have you seen the tiny blue & white stripes? They look like sailor wedges ... I LOVE them!

Mary said...

I love them too- what do you wear them with?

Crystal said...

Well I don't have them yet ... but I would wear them with just about anything - wedges are great with skirts, shorts, jeans ... and being blue & white striped, you could get away with wearing them for all sorts of things.

I have the burlap classics and I have barely worn another pair of shoes since I got them!