Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 Registry Items

I apologize for the discontinuity to this blog. It's just a random smattering of thoughts and pictures and experiences - none of which fit neatly into any one category, unless that category could be called "chaos." So one day you might like a post, and it could be 5 months before I post another one in that same genre... which I do apologize for, but I never wanted a theme because then I'd be limited in my rants. And let's be honest, I am not short of rant material. But I will spare you the details of my current work commute, distaste for pushy health nuts, and my overwhelming love for all things carbonated.

With that said, I stole this idea from another friend's blog. I figure we don't have too many mutual friends, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I copied her (bc if we're being real, I copy everyone at some point - its my WOO tendency according to Strength Finders 2.0).

So here it is, my top 5 favorite things I registered for when I got married. And I say "I" because Patrick was somewhat limited in his opinions of fine china and placemats. I can't imagine why.

1. My blender. Which unfortunately bit the dust whilst mixing margaritas last year. But if I had to choose to go out in some way, I'd definitely choose to go out blending cocktails. *Now, I'm struggling with whether or not to make this post about common things...because everyone knows you need and use pots and pans, silverware, sheets, etc. So from here on out, I'll use random and surprisingly useful items.

2. Fancy candles. I love candles, and sometimes they can get expensive. Especially if you want Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel decorative ones. This is something I probably wouldn't buy myself (Wal-Mart has great candles that cost $5 a pop), but am thankful to have.

3. Wall decor. Seems cheesy, but wall art/sconces are expensive. I didn't register for anything super expensive in this department, but am grateful that I put in some frou-frou things.

4. Serving platters. Patrick loathes how many of these I registered for, but we use them all the time...well, the smaller ones. But they are so helpful and you can put anything on them- snacks for small group, desserts for a party, cookies to snack on throughout the week, etc. 
5. Coffee Maker. This one is a no brainer because we use it at least once a day. However I wish I would have discovered the French Press earlier in life. 

Things I wish I registered for (or for more of): food processor, furniture, better bedding, tupperware, a little nicer set of plates and no fine china, an extra set of sheets, a teapot, beach towels, baskets (to hold blankets or magazines), Apples to Apples, and a cooler of some sort. 

It's just so hard to know your style when you first register, so now that we're looking at houses, I'm completely over everything that we have. Crate and Barrel changed seasons twice during the process of our registering for our wedding, so half of our items were discontinued - which meant we sort of haphazardly threw extra things on it just to have full sets, but our bedding, towels, and blankets are all a mish mash of colors. Oh well, you live and you learn. And hopefully one day you have the money to get what you really want. :)

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