Sunday, February 20, 2011

The BIG House Hunt

Over the last few weeks, Patrick and I have embarked on the enjoyable, yet tedious journey of buying a house. And yes, I am mature enough and old enough to have my own house - although you might disagree with that, seeing as I can hardly keep the kitchen clean, let alone the bedroom or bathroom. Hey, at least I bathe right?

Now, I'm a quick decision maker, and was completely happy to look at one set of houses and make a decision out of those. However, Patrick likes to be a little bit more thoughtful when it comes to big purchases. I should have known that it would be at least ten more trips out with a realtor before Patrick would be open to making a decision. And I admit, that can drive me crazy. 

So we've taken three trips, and Patrick is insisting we take more. Mainly because all the places I like are in crappy school districts, and he thinks our children deserve good educational opportunities. ("I don't even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack! What am I gonna do with a gun rack?" -Wayne's World) - Children are not even on the brain, so it's hard for me to research high schools when our first kid won't be attending one for another 14+ years. I get that it will influence the re-sell value of the house, but an area/neighborhood/school can change A LOT in 14 years. So for some reason, I'm just not sensing his same urgency to choose a house based upon its respective high school.

But alas, his points are valid, although I hate admitting defeat. 

So here goes round FOUR of touring homes. Homes in the same district that I grew up in (although the last thing I want to do is re-live my teen years vicariously through our un-born children). I'll keep you posted on the newest developments. If there are any.


abby said...

I can always appreciate a good wayne's world quote. one of my all time faves. schwing!

Evie said...

how exciting mary! i can't wait to hear about the house hunting process :).