Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a verb.

I have a hard time writing when I don't have a lightbulb of an idea of what to write about. But I love to write and communicate so I'm just going to get over my awkwardness.

Today I finished my third Emily Giffin book, "Something Blue." It took me roughly ten minutes to read because her books are just so fabulous. I loved this book in so many ways. Giffin (yes it kind of stresses me out that it's not gRiffin) really finds ways to articulate feelings and thoughts I've had for years, but never had the guts to admit.

It was love as a verb, as Rachel used to say. Love that made me more patient, more loyal, and stronger. Love that made me feel more complete than I had ever felt in my glamorous, Jimmy Choo-filled past.

When you're married and start to get past the giddiness of the first few months of your new life, you start seeing all the little flaws in your relationship. The ways that you don't quite connect. The things you don't have in common. The habits that aren't quite as easy to overlook as you'd hoped. And reality starts to kick in. You have dirty clothes and dishes, a garbage disposal that backs up and starts to reek. Upset stomachs and after-gym sweats. Sometimes (or most of the time), life isn't beautiful and glamorous.

But one thing that has been so consistently remarkable to me is how well Patrick loves me. There is never a moment in all of the mess that I flat out don't feel loved. He gives more than any man I know. He is always making an effort, always going the extra mile, and always sacrificing. There are days where I don't want to tell people some of the things he's done or said because they just seem too good. But I know they're not. He puts forth every effort to ensure that I have the best of everything, am listened to and encouraged, doted upon and valued. Patrick is truly one-of-a-kind, and my prayer is that every girl get to know the kind of love that Patrick shows me every single day. I love him.

According to Emily Giffin, love is a verb. And I couldn't agree more. 

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Patrick said...

Thanks babe. Love you too. :)