Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upcoming Movies

I recently read two books that have been made into movies, and will be coming out this spring. I wanted to post the two trailers in case they prompted anyone to read either of these two fabulous novels before the movies come out.

Water for Elephants - This is about a 1930s circus that goes from town to town on a train. Some pieces of the story were really moving and some were somewhat hard to swallow, but all in all its a really neat story. One that has never been told.

Something Borrowed- I love all of Emily Giffin's books, and cannot wait until this movie! I actually prefer the second book, "Something Blue" to this one, but they both go hand in hand. The cast for this movie looks amazing (including Jon Krasinski and Kate Hudson) and it will probably be one I need to own for rainy days.

Hope you enjoy!

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