Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dreams Happening

First of all, I love handwriting fonts. If I could always write in one, I would, because they just feel more personal. And it makes me feel like I'm writing a letter to a friend. Which I sort of am, just in a very public way.

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So most of you know that I work for a really incredible company. The perks are through the roof, and I couldn't be more well taken care of. Our clients are amazing, my team is so supportive, and I get to work alongside some of the best of the best in the marketing automation industry.

But when I first started, it was a hard transition. Going from a small non-profit to a rapidly growing software company was a huge jump. The job responsibilities, work environment, office space, and team were all completely different. My job here has always felt right and good, it has just been a completely different change of pace.

And as its gone on, I feel like the Lord has slowly revealed pieces to me about why I'm here. I know the work I do is good, and I'm a valuable member of our team, but as always, I want to find the Lord's heart here. What is His goal for us, and how can I be a part of it? At one point I felt so overwhelmed with the transition that I wasn't even sure I wanted to pray that prayer, or ask for what His heart was. But I got there. And the Lord was so patient to let me step into that place as slowly as I needed to.

And every few weeks I feel like another layer of perspective has been given to me.

One day I found an article on corporate culture and sent it over to our 'Culture Czar' (or in layman's terms, Office Manager). And that started a dialog about things that are important to me in the workplace, and I remember mentioning financial assistance for adoption. I knew that that was something I would do regardless of being financially supported by my employer, but why not mention it? And all that did was start a dialog between her and I. And her heart to also adopt, as she lived in Africa for several years, met her husband over there, and is really passionate about adopting from that same country to keep it as part of their history. So she mentioned checking into what other companies offer, which at the time was awesome.

Throughout that next week/weekend I felt like God was telling me that some of the reasons I am here, have not yet been set into motion. The adoption assistance being my first example of something that is not yet here or a part of our corporate culture, but it's coming. And its the cloud the size of a man's fist on the horizon.

Several weeks later our maternity plan changed, and so did our work-from-home policy. Both of which make it so much easier to still be a part of this company, yet pursue a family without the threat of losing my job or going unpaid for any amount of time. Having a family is so much a part of my heart right now that those are things that feel like kisses from heaven to me. I love feeling like I am supported as a person, not just as an employee.

Yesterday we had a new girl start who will be in charge of community outreach programs and volunteer opportunities for our company. I've heard about this position for awhile, but just figured it would be Habitat for Humanity type projects each quarter or runs for causes on the weekends. Little did I know, this girl was coming to us from Land of a Thousand Hills. Having managed coffee projects all over the world, and having worked closely with the 410 Bridge for years. So not only is she a believer, but her heart is missions. And part of her job description is to plan an international TRIP for us to go on to serve. The trip can't be religiously based, but there are some amazing alternatives that we have that we're hoping to explore (Land of a Thousand Hills coffee projects being one). I shared with her a little bit of my experience working for 410 and managing all trips to Haiti, and she casually mentioned me helping lead a team for Pardot in the future.

I'm sorry... WHAT!? An international service trip, through my secular company, that I get to be a part of? Are you kidding? This is incredible!

So there's another layer down, and it happens to line up so perfectly with my heart. Which is funny because I told Patrick I feel like I'm not really dreaming right now. I am happy with where I'm at and what I'm doing, yet haven't been provoked to keep dreaming. To keep pursuing the things of God. And to continually make the choice to intentionally be a part of something bigger than myself. And as if the Lord heard that uttering, Karen from Land of a Thousand Hills stepped into my life.

I have no idea where this will lead or if it will amount to anything, but God has continually shown himself faithful throughout my time here. And I have full confidence that there is still more up His sleeve to show me. I am just so blessed to work for such an amazing company, and I pray that you too will find this level of satisfaction in your stage of life. Even if you never think that its possible, I promise you that it is. Just keep looking for God's heart, and be ready to find it in the most unlikely of places.

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