Monday, October 1, 2012

Dogs, Apple Picking, and Cabinet Re-do

This weekend was quite the adventure. Picnic in Piedmont Park with 100 of my closest friends, their spouses and dogs. Keeping Libby Gray, and going apple picking in Ellijay with our small group. 

My favorite memory was from Friday night. I met Kathleen at her house, and she, her dog Murphy, Lucy and I all got into her truck. The cab of the truck. Murphy is young, and can't sit in the bed of the truck or he'll jump out. So Lucy and Murphy shared the backseat. Think of Murphy like a hormonal adolescent who can't keep his hands off of anyone. Which meant we spent 30 minutes in traffic pulling the two dogs off of each other, pushing them back in the backseat, watching them dig under each other's behinds, and helping Murphy keep his 'red rocket' in his pants (he hasn't been neutered). 

And then we picked up Libby Gray. A five-year old in a car seat. With her sleeping bag, toiletries, pillows, stuffed animals, and clothes. And toys. We put Lucy in the bed, and Murphy sat next to Libby Gray. Lucy had never been in the back of a truck so we weren't sure what would happen. But she did great... until it started pouring. And Lucy HATES the rain. So we had to pull off and put Lucy in the cab, with Kathleen, me, Libby Gray, Libby Gray's things, and Murphy. So a little chaotic, but we made it to Piedmont Park. Slightly frazzled, humbled by our lapses in judgement, and entertained that we actually drove through Atlanta  with 2 dogs, each other, and a 5-year old in the cab of a truck. 

Piedmont Park at sunset. 

Saturday morning, I felt at tap on my arm at 6:30am. "Mary, I'm up." Oh Lord. That makes ME the responsible one. For a 5-year old. At 6:30am. ME. The night owl. Who doesn't function until I'm well into the 10 o'clock hour. Ugh. I don't know how parents do it. So we had breakfast and colored and fed the pets. And I silently wept on the inside.

THEN... we went APPLE PICKING!!! See below for my enthusiasm.

And after a full day on Saturday, we spent all day Sunday in our pajamas. Listening to Eric Johnson. Enjoying a big breakfast. And around 2pm I finished up this guy:

The bane of my existence for the last 6 weeks. I went through two bottles of paint stripper to get the lime green off. Which didn't actually come off. Then I sanded it. Painted it with two coats of black paint. Had to re-sand all the places that never got smooth enough. Touch up with black again. Replaced all the knobs, but had to first drill new holes as no one makes drawer/cabinet hardware in these sizes any more. Spackled/painted old holes. Then I put a sealer on it. At one point I tried crackle paint on the back, then painted black over top...hoping to achieve an antique-y look. That failed, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Or too annoyed with this whole project. 

If you need furniture re-do help, do NOT ask me. I am a sorry source of information. Natalie Geiger is true champion. Maybe I'll just pay her to do my next piece. If there is a next piece.

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