Monday, October 22, 2012

YAMMO, Indy, Weddings and Friends

Re-capping the last three weeks seems utterly impossible. I had a brief (and early) visit with Lauren. Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget. I went to ExactTarget's user's conference in Indianapolis. We went to our first Jewish wedding. And we celebrated Benji's wedding in Athens with some old friends. 

Everything has been SO FUN but man, I am beat. 

Co-workers at our YAMMO party. We rented out the roof of the W in Buckhead, and were transported in limousines to this fabulously swanky event. And have I mentioned that I LOVE my co-workers? I'm pretty much obsessed with these incredibly smart, sweet, and talented women. 

If you go on a walk with me, this is what I do. I instagram. Shamelessly.

At Greg and Lauren's wedding. Mazel Tov!

Our FINAL meal with our Korean neighbors. They leave this weekend, but are considering leaving the 15-year old with us. And by considering, I mean we've signed the paperwork to be legal guardians for the next 3 months. 

Indianapolis with fellow Pardashians. Minutes away from hearing THE Michael J. Fox. Yep, we're spoiled. 

LOVED this "Hub" crawl in Indy. Each sponsor of ExactTarget sponsored a dj, food, drinks, etc. at 8 different bars/clubs around Indianapolis. So we spent the night dancing, laughing, and seeing the city lights of Indy.

Aaannnndddd we had a private concert with The Fray. Who we then met at the airport the next morning on their way back to Denver. Isaac Slade I love you. 

This was in Athens on our .7 mile walk from Benji's wedding to the reception. But naturally, we had to stop by 579 Pulaski. Otherwise known as "The Heezy." Let me know if you haven't heard that story, because it's awesome. 

With the groom at the MOST FUN WEDDING EVER. And I mean EVER. Praise God for Ke$ha and Gangnam Style.

Brunch at the Farm.

If you can see that journal I'm holding, Frankie made that baby out of a dryer sheet. And it's pretty incredible.

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