Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HaRim West - The newest member of the family.

Everyone, meet the Byuns. Sook, Sarah, HaRim and Michael. These are some of the most wonderful friends that we've ever met, hailing from Incheon, South Korea. But sadly, they all flew home this past Saturday. 

Well, everyone except for THIS guy.

Everyone, meet HaRim. The newest member of the West family. No, I'm not kidding. We have legal guardianship over this young soul for the next three months. AND WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

But not as excited as him!

Long story short, he and his family wanted him to have a more "American" experience, and give him the chance to work a little bit more on his English. So we've decided to let him move in until mid-January, take him everywhere we go, and treat him as if he were our own child. (Which meant he cooked us Korean dinner on Sunday night. Including sauteed anchovies, squid, and rice wrapped in seaweed. I win no awards for how I did with the anchovies on my plate). 

I do want to leave you with this conversation between HaRim and Patrick on night #1:
Patrick (ordering at Chick-fil-A): I  got a complikated order! Sekurity!
HaRim: I want to learn to talk like that.
Patrick: Like how?
HaRim: Like British people.
Patrick: That was ebonics. 

In other news I punished Lucy today for eating out of the litter box.

That is all.


Allison said...

lol, this might be my favorite post yet, Mary. LOVE the conversation recap and the latest news. :)

Lauren Bradley said...

I teach him!! haha, love him.