Thursday, November 1, 2012

I splurged.

I'm sorry y'all. I had to do it. 

I caved.

After a mere 24 hours of having the West Elm catalog in my hand,

I ordered this

But it was an emergency. Trust me.

And I was in love. And couldn't be talked down from the cliff.

I tried to get help, I really tried. But Ginny, Katie and Susan had no support to offer. 

And they caved with me.

And down we fell. 

Giddy, with hearts full of puppies and flowers and wood-burning fireplaces. Tumbling into beautiful West Elm oblivion. 

For reference, I googled "downward spiral" and this is what came up:

And that's about how hard I fell...

Lindsay Lohan hard.

Minus the drugs
psycho-crazyness that is Lindsay Lohan.

West Elm, you have my whole heart. And I do not want it back.

Your most faithful buyer

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Katie said...

Sorry I'm not sorry.