Monday, September 17, 2012

Life and Fall-ish things

My life has been pretty wonderful lately, which means I have a lot less to complain rant gripe blog about. And I love instagram... A LOT. And put almost everything there anyways. So in some ways I feel satiated and less needy happier with that outlet. Since instagram is so great about helping you feel connected to your close friends. 

But unfortunately, there are people who do not have instagram (gasp!). I know, I know, it's true. And that should be a crime against humanity. But alas, I am not the humanity police (officially) so I have no real pull in any life arena. But I can strongly state my opinion in hopes that it brings life to some poor, lowly soul who has yet to see 'the light.' 

So pictures of life as we know it.... this below is homemade tomato tortellini soup (and it makes excellent leftovers). If you are vegan, or anti-dairy, this soup is not for you. It has milk, some half and half, tomato soup, basil leaves and parmesan. So not really vegan-friendly at all. 

 These babies are our THIRD AND FOURTH banana peppers from our yard. I call them our 'secondfruits' instead of 'firstfruits.' I'd say they're from our garden (because that sounds way more domestic and organic), but really all it is is a plant in the midst of some pinestraw...where the flowers didn't make it. 

 Patrick's been perfecting his lemon martinis (bless him), and this one here was a winner. Real lemon juice, bottled lemon juice, triple sec, lemon vodka. Could have used a little sugar on the rim, but I'm not complaining. Just keep these babies coming. Nevermind that we primarily drink them on Sunday and Monday nights.   But hey, at least we're not alone? That's the sign of a real problem. 

 We're getting pretty obsessed (in an unhealthy way) with this gelato. Patrick hates caramel so this little guy is all. for. me. And anytime I go to take a picture of something to instagram, Lucy thinks I'm preparing a treat for her. So she positions herself calmly and quietly near whatever I'm doing, so I will see how good she's being and hopefully reward her. Sweet dog. How can you resist that face?

 My feeble attempts at summoning fall weather. Flats from Urban, coffee, and a golden yellow colored shirt. I look terrible in golden yellow, and my mom would probably tell me that (so I wouldn't be embarrassed when I went out in public later), but I couldn't resist. This color practically exudes fall and comfort and softness and colored leaves and lattes, right?

 Lola, LG and me at La Paz. In said golden yellow shirt (round 2). 

 And my sweet grandmother Annie. We call her by her first name, occasionally adding in 'Big' before Annie. Mainly because there is a 'Little' Annie that is now 17, but when she was born we had to differentiate. And yes, we call my grandmother by her first name. And yes, Big Annie is only 70 pounds soaking wet. So the 'big' is somewhat of a misnomer. But she's so incredibly precious, and I love her dearly. And pray that I am as generous, gracious, kind, hospitable, and passionate as she is. 

 Proof that I have friends outside my family that I actually hang out with. Jonathan, Liz, and Daniel in our backseat, on the way to a BA picnic. 

 I don't have a caption.

 And this picture not an original. It came from Google. But it IS a picture of Indian Coffee, which I tried at small group for the first time last week. It is basically milk, coffee, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and a little bit of water. Its like coffee meets tea, but with a hint of fall. I guess that's the cinnamon and cloves. Or the cardamom and ginger? I don't know, I'm bad with herbal essences. But this was awesome. And I drank mine too fast to snag a picture. So if you want the real recipe, let me know and I'll send it over.

Sorry for the long picture posts. And the long commentary that says nothing worthwhile. But I like having you be a part of my day, so this is the easiest way to incorporate you. :)

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