Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well folks, good news. We FINALLY bought a house! Now, we won't officially be homeowners until June 15, but we WILL be homeowners nevertheless. I can't tell if it is surreal, or just feels natural. And I guess I feel a little bit of both, which is a good thing I think. We're ready for more space, we're ready to have a dining room and an office and a guest bedroom, rather than have all those rolled into one tiny apartment. We've been blessed to live in a great apartment complex, but it's time to step into the next phase of life. Its bittersweet.

I want to still be in the "newlywed" stage but buying a house quickly ushers you into the burdens of "adulthood." And again, that's not necessarily bad, but I'm wondering....who in the world would trust me with a house? I don't even keep up with our little 2 bedroom apartment! I am terrible at keeping up with wash, and once I actually do the wash, it insists on piling itself on all the furniture in crumpled piles. The coffee table stays messy, the bedroom floor on my side of the bed is always stacked with clean clothes I can't seem to put away, and dirty clothes that can't quite find their way to the hamper. I have books stacked in 6 different places and shoes in all corners of every room. My life screams "irresponsibility."

But I have high hopes of turning over a new leaf. A more responsible leaf. I love to decorate and write and do art, but none of those things happen because I'm just plain messy. And have Facebook stalking to do. And America's Next Top Model marathons to watch. And more clothes to buy and snacks to eat. And books to read and nails to paint. Who am I kidding? This new leaf might not actually get turned over anytime soon.

In other news, I maxed out how many someecards I could send in one day. All because I sent 26 to my boss while at work. Ok not really 26, but I did max out how many I could send without being a member. So on that note, I'll leave you with this one- while I watch tv and read blogs and stare at my laundry piled on the couch:

Again, this blog comes with a "no judgement" policy. Thanks.

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jess said...

this is why we were such good roommates.