Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bachelorette Love

Ashley, The Bachelorette

So last night was the first night of this season's Bachelorette. And that means that I am one happy camper. This is one of my favorite seasons in all of television, and I don't have any problems secluding myself from the world in order to fully engage in this wonderful show. If anyone has any interest in reading my favorite Bachelorette blogger thoughout the season, check out I Hate Greenbeans. It's hilarious and fun, and I love her oh-so-wise comments on each and every move, comment, and fail of all the candidates. It's the people like her that make me love this show so much. Well, her and Natalie, Anna, Katie, Jamie, and Natalie (yes two Natalies).

I'm just sad Jessica can't also be with me each week to commemorate each episode.

Here are some of the candidates (a random sampling if you will):

William - very handsome AND very nice
Ryan P- noteworthy because he got the first impression rose midway through the night.
Jeff - He has also been wearing a Zorro mask so far this season, so no one has actually seen his face. And yes, he's unfortunately for real.
Constantine (yep that's his real name) - really down to earth guy from Alpharetta

And this winner, got so drunk last night on the premiere, that he passed out and had to be carried to the car. without a rose. Classy. Very very classy.

So it looks like this season is shaping up to be a lively one. Nevermind the guy that has already said he wishes Emily were the Bachelorette over Ashley. Or the guy that called his mom WITH Ashley, and his mom instructed them on how to use protection for their overnight dates. Really? Was that necessary?!?! I wanted to cry. Or wet my pants. Or do something that wouldn't make me feel as uncomfortable with the situation. Im sure wetting my pants would have done the job.

Yay for one of my greatest love languages- watching reality tv with friends. Amen.

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natalie said...

I'm so honored to be apart of your post!! Can't wait for every week Bach nights!