Tuesday, May 3, 2011

College Roommate Love

Follow the sound of my keys. - Brett

At the Brew and Bowl

After every football game, we'd go to Ty's and grill out and make s'mores.

The Black Relatives.

Downtown in workout clothes. We were probably judged for this.

No explanation needed. Thanks Benji.

Groundhog Day Formal at Club 80

Mel, Evie and I borrowed Grant, Brian, and Jordan's clothes one night while they were out.

We had an inflatable turkey in the yard for Thanksgiving.

We played Twister every night after we went out in Athens. Patrick's the reigning champion.

Disco Night at the skating rink: "Can I pay extra for speed skates?" - Grant

Jessica's least favorite picture. Sweating and waiting to get our football tickets.

John Cena and George Bush

Our band. The Brothel.

The night we had a prank war with the neighbors we made a palette on the floor with Lisa.

167. The Apartment of Dreams.

These are some of my greatest memories, even though the pictures hardly do justice to how wonderful these friends are.


Evie said...

Mary, this makes my heart so happy. I was just going through our college pictures last night and was feeling so nostalgic.. Love, love, it!

meli said...

Oh goodness, Mary. I almost started crying looking at these! I miss y'all so so much. When is our reunion???

jess said...

seriously, when is our reunion?! i can't help but laugh at all these photos. our life together was so good. such beautiful and hilarious memories. miss you!