Thursday, October 7, 2010

S'mores as a way of life

In college my roommates and I baked. A lot. But mostly it was easy stuff because when we decided it was time to eat something fabulous and sweet, we wanted it then. Gathering a plethora of ingredients was not really on our "to-do" list.

But break and bake cookies can only be shaped into so many letters. So at some point our baking needed to evolve, and evolve it did. Enter: S'mores Season. Every night for months and months my roommates and I made s'mores in our toaster oven in Pineview. And I like a good s'more like everyone else, but it's definitely not my favorite dessert. But the company was so good and getting out the s'mores supplies meant that we had a good night of reality tv, wine, or back porch conversation ahead of us.

Sometimes we'd add butterscotch chips or M&Ms, caramel sauce or chocolate syrup- anything to spice up the basic graham, mallow and chocolate bar.

I've said it before, but I love good conversation. I love the people that stay late after a party to squeeze out the last few thoughts and questions from the day. And to me, s'mores always symbolize quality time and great friends.  You don't make s'mores when you're in a rush. You make s'mores when there's a fire and you plan on staying somewhere awhile. Being trapped in a place with friends is awesome and perfect to me, especially when no one has anywhere else to be. So you brave the awkward silences and dig a little deeper into your reservoir of conversation topics and make better friendships.

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jess said...

this post makes my heart happy. your heart and mine sing the same song on this subject and especially right now, i really long for that s'more time. miss you pixie.