Thursday, September 30, 2010

Up to bat

So this might be a totally lame post but I don't care. I went to the Braves game on Tuesday night, and a few of us were talking about what our "At Bat" song would be if we could have one. Now, this is a pretty important decision and potentially could say a lot about you and what motivates you and get's you going. The conversation surrounding our songs was so hilarious that I decided to ask some friends at work what their songs would be, and let me tell you- I was so incredibly surprised by some people's choices.

First things first, my song would be one of three (and yes I realize that with all three of these choices I am painting a huge gigantic sign on my face that says "JUDGE ME"- but I'm over it): "Oh I Think They Like Me" by Dem Franchize Boyz, "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludacris, or "Shoulder Lean" by Young Dro. And if we're being honest, "Barbie Girl" and "The Thong Song" were also in the running for the top 3, but only ended up in my top 5. I was going to defend these choices, but they need no defending. I love them all. A lot. So go ahead, judge me.

Here are some other "at bat" song choices from friends and co-workers:

  • Chumbawamba "Tub Thumping" - my boss (he was completely serious)

  • Teach me how to Dougie - coworker

  • Welcome to Atlanta - coworker

  • Who Let the Dogs Out - guy at work (he was even more serious than my boss- and all I could think about was this movie clip from the Hangover when he told me - what can i say? he's a one man wolfpack)

  • Precious Lord - Frank at work (I don't know how motivating a hymn is...but I'll step aside so I don't get hit by the lightning)

  • Numb/Encore - coworker

  • Meant to Live by Switchfoot - coworker

  • Blowin' Money Fast by Rick Ross - sorority friend

  • Ignition by TobyMac - cousin

  • Shake Ya Tailfeather - girl in my small group

  • Crazy Train by Ozzy - friend from high school

  • No Scrubs by TLC - male friend who went to Kenya with me and who is completely straight

  • Woman King by Iron and Wine - friend from college

  • The Thong Song - female coworker

  • some Led Zeppelin song - Patrick

And yes I love my life. And this mini project I created for myself. And the fact that writing this prompted me to spend 40 minutes on youtube watching Hangover movie clips.

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