Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Head West Young Man

Here are some pictures from our trip out West this past weekend. Sorry there are tons! I tried to take out as many as I could, but I just have too many favorites. :) Enjoy a taste of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

At the base of Grand Targhee in the Tetons

Yes that says "Mary's Nipple" - I also bought a sticker that said "I hiked Mary's Nipple" just on principle

The top of Grand Targhee, the taller peak in the background is Grand Teton

Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone

Our House in Driggs, Idaho

The view of the Tetons from our porch

We were in Idaho, which meant we needed potato guns

Another view from our house

My dad and sister Libby Gray

The Spud drive-in- One of America's top 50 roadside attractions

The Lake at Yellowstone

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