Monday, October 18, 2010

The Middle East

In May of this past year I got the opportunity to take a team to the Middle East. I love missions in every way, shape and form, so getting to take a team to a very dark place was an incredible experience.

Tonight, I will be announcing this spring's trip to the ME and I'm so freaking excited. Its honestly taken me months and months to process all the God did in my heart last May, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. The experiences I had there were unbelievable and the believers there are just unstoppable. They have been sowing into the land for years and the fruit of their prayers has started coming forth exponentially. People are getting healed and saved left and right. Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus and they are starting to experience the love of God. See this blog for day-to-day testimonies.

The group that we worked with goes on treasure hunts every day (a kind of outreach where you ask God ahead of time to give you pictures or people to look for, then you go out and find them!). That's what they do for fun regardless of how they're feeling. The believers there meet together often, worship and pray together, and encourage each other with testimony after testimony. We had a meeting on a Friday night while I was there and the leaders had to limit the testimony time to ONE HOUR, and the group could only share testimonies from that week (however testimonies still ended up taking TWO hours). These guys are radical. Even going out to dinner or to a shisha place could take hours because there were always things God wanted to do. And since He ALWAYS showed up, we had no choice but to be His hands, feet and heart.

Something in the Middle East struck a chord with me. I don't even know why, or how I got to witness such amazing faith and tenacity for the "greater" things of God as I did there. Even just getting to the Middle East was a testimony in and of itself because thing after thing fell through in the planning process- so we knew that if we actually got there, then it would be hugely significant.

I know the work we did there and will do there is marked by heaven. Those that have gone before us have paid a huge price so that we can see breakthrough every day without even trying. I don't know if I've ever seen such passion before in any ministry or group of people. I love it.

So getting to announce this years trip is just such a huge blessing to me. Even getting to share testimonies and stories is so good for my soul. I just can't wait. God is so good.

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