Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The sex slave trade is an issue that runs rampant in our country. Yes, right here in America, not just in Cambodia and India and the Philippines. And Atlanta is one of the top cities in the world that imports women and children and forces them into prostitution.

There are more slaves RIGHT NOW than have ever been on this earth at any other point in history. People estimate anywhere from 30-200 million people in slavery today, 80% being sex slaves. It's unbelievable that this is allowed, accepted, and even encouraged in some cultures today. Check out this short video from a group called Exodus Cry, based out of IHOP-Kansas City for a general overview of what is happening in the world right now as we speak.

So how can we help? What can we in suburbia do that can shift the pendulum to the other side? What does it look like for us to call down justice and see it manifested in the earth?

Prayer. God hears the prayers of His people. He despises injustice and longs to see the righteous prevail. Our prayers move heaven and we can't afford to be shy. We have to make declarations. We have to boldly approach the throne of God on behalf of the orphans, the widows, and the oppressed. God IS a God of justice.

Supporting women who have been freed. There are safe houses all over the world that rescue women, give them medical treatment if needed, psychological help, and teach them a trade. There are a couple of organizations that allow you to buy items that these freed women have made- and your money goes to help them as well as the facility or home they live in. Night Light. Free the Slaves. Not For Sale. She Dances. All of those are places that go to help women and children in this industry see the freedom that they were meant to always have.

Hold an awareness raising event. 5k. Jewelry party. Concert. Art Show, Etc.

We CAN make a difference. We just have to do something.

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