Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today we start the BIG move...across the apartment complex from building 10 to building 7. So its really not a BIG move, but a move nonetheless. Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate over a year. We've found it hard to be cut-throat about getting rid of stuff because of all the sentimental value that comes with each item. And things that I want Patrick to get rid of tend to be his most important treasures. How can you display and decorate with a Wheaties box and baseballs? Boys are beyond me. I'm going to have to call in the Pottery Barn advisory team for this one...

Today we paint, tomorrow our stuff starts to be moved. Saturday the heavy pieces go because of the assistance we'll have from some very manly men. Today I'm working from home, finishing laundry, folding clothes, putting shoes and clothes in boxes, packing up jewelry, doing some spot cleaning, and taking pictures off the wall. Hopefully this afternoon I'll start painting, with Patrick joining me when he gets off work at 4:30. Although the day is long ahead of me, I've already successfully brewed a cup of coffee, showered, checked my email, and spent an hour on facebook. Awesome. Great progress.

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Crystal said...

Here's a creative "Pottery barnesque" idea for the wheaties box and balls ... make a shadow box out of it - then it looks like it's supposed to be decoration instead of just junk lying around :)