Friday, March 12, 2010

Hair Dye and Rick Pino

Some would call today a waste, however I would call it PERFECT. I went into work for 2 hours and then had to take my friend Theresa to the airport. I originally had plans after that to burn some work-out dvds from a friend but that fell through. So I went to Rite Aid and bought hair color, 2 cadbury creme eggs, 2 reese's eggs, a fastbreak candy bar, and a lighter. A good variety of essentials. Yesterday I bought new earbuds because mine had kicked the bucket. It's been a good week of buying important and needed items. I realize I could have gone back to work, but then I couldn't use my hair dye, finish my book, or play on twitter.

I was listening to Rick Pino this morning and am always so encouraged by his music. He has a way of inspiring courage in people and making them feel not alone. I've had a really hard time at work recently and some of Pino's lines really struck me... "There's a fourth man standing there in the fire, you're not alone," "your Father's coming down to shut the mouths of the lions," "The Lord is with you mighty warrior, so rise." Listening to this music really empowers my soul and allows me to see from a heavenly perspective. If only I could readily walk in these Truths minute by minute without a lull in between. But the time will come when I won't need music to remind me of these Truths, but they will be written on my heart and be a part of soul.

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