Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Reviews: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl

book review girl with the dragon tattoo gone
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: This book was intense, y'all. Not necessarily full of twists and turns, but definitely an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

I had heard that the movies were violent, so I hesitated in starting this book because I didn't want to read page after page of sexual violence. And to some degree people were right, but Stieg Larsson was extremely short-winded in those scenes, and developed no attachment in me to those specific characters. So that meant I could read 'from a distance', yet still experience the gravity of the story.

The writing was quickly paced, and the characters were original and quirky.  I'd be interested in knowing what it was in Larsson's background that made him understand the ins and outs of serial rapists and their strategies in capturing their next victim. The thought in that regard blew my mind. I hope the next books are as explosive and multi-dimensional as this one. Definitely worth your time.

Gone Girl: This book I have VERY mixed feelings for. If I could write a response to the first 90% of the book and the last 10% of the story, I would. Because they felt like completely separate stories and authors.

Gillian Flynn became one of my new favorite authors within the first 50 pages. She is brilliant, and just twisted enough that her stories and characters are 100% unpredictable. The book FLEW by, but came to a screeching halt about 90% of the way through when you realize what the ending will be. And the ending is so completely disappointing, that you wonder if the book was worth reading for that kind of let-down. You put too much energy into the book for the ending not to completely ruin the experience.

Overall did I like it? Yes, very much.

Would I recommend it? Eh. If you can stomach the ending. 

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