Monday, December 31, 2012

Make-up Updates

In a vain attempt to update my make-up, I watched some tutorials online for how to better highlight and contour my face. Am I going to a party? Nope. Am I dressing up for the red carpet? Nah. I'm just realizing that it has been entirely too long since I updated my make-up brushed up on my make-up techniques. And rumor has it you should consider yourself out of style if you haven't made an update to your look in at least 5 years. Ouch. So I decided that maybe its time to re-visit Sephora and get some tips from the pros. 

So I did just that. In an effort to update my look, and figure out if what I'm using is really best for me and the coverage I want. 

And here are the products that made it to my shopping bag:

1. Benefit's Sun Beam highlighter: This was a little extra sample that I got in my bag, but I really love it. I'll use it over top of the concealer around my eyes to add a little bit more shimmer. If my skin was a tad bit tanner, it would be perfect on its own, but I needed the concealer to play the middleman so I didn't look like my eyes had been to the tanning bed.

2. Benefit's Coralista blush: When learning how to highlight and contour my face (which I'd never heard of until Pinterest), this was one of the products that was its a Victoria's Secret go-to. So you would hear no argument from me. There are only 2-3 colors, but they are light and shimmery which makes it easy for any skin type to wear it.  

3. Maybelline's illuminating concealer: This little guy came from Target, and quickly made me feel more 'put-together'. Not sure how a concealer/highlighter can do that, but trust me, its awesome. I use this around the inside of my eyes, just under the outer part of my brow, down my nose, and a little bit around my lips. I'm amazed at how a little bit of light-ness can make your features pop.

4. Benefit's Hoola bronzer: This is another item that can work for any skin color. I learned that the trick with a bronzer like this is to have it be matte, rather than have a sheen to it. The goal is to create more definition in your cheekbones and around your nose. I was impressed with how easy it is to draw attention to certain features or minimize others depending on what features you want to accent. Unfortunately I have not yet mastered this art, but I'm practicing. :)

5. Smashbox Color Correcting primer: This stuff is definitely green, but is meant to smooth your skin, remove any redness, and absorb any oil in your skin so that it doesn't hurt your make-up. I saw this bottle and thought it would be absurd to put on my skin, but after the woman at Sephora tried it on my face I was completely dumb-founded. My skin has so much redness to it that I LOVED the way this cream evened out my skin-tone. Without any powder, foundation, blush, etc. my face was already looking better. 

Do you have any go-to products that you really enjoy? I'm on the market for new ideas and updates, so give me your best stuff.

Happy shopping (and updating)!

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Dana said...

Actually, yes, I do have a recommendation. I have looked, for the past oh, 20 years or so, for a lipstick that actually 'sticks' and isn't gone in an hour. Revlon's colorstay ultimate suede lipstick is similar to a stain, but goes on like a lipstick and it stays and stays and stays. I chose a light rosy color and it was STILL THERE the next morn when I woke up! I love it!